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The Essence of Having Intelligent Transportation

Intelligent traffic system or otherwise known as intelligent transport system involves the integration of advanced traffic control via real-time data input and the interactive communication between drivers in order to give them the best driving experience and provide an efficient transport system too.

Transportation in the well developed countries and major cities alike such as London, Tokyo, New York, Paris etc. is constantly looking for ways on how they will be able to decongest traffic in their city. With immense number of vehicles as being the main source of mobility, it is inevitable to deal with traffic jams. On narrower pathways, vehicles with high loads can slow down traffic or on more extreme cases, be the cause of static traffic.

In order to properly deal with this issue and at the same time, to give the best experience to motorist, there are now intelligent transportations that are implemented. As a matter of fact, these systems are globally deployed especially on city streets with high load and congested highways. The intelligent transportation system or ITS offers traffic control centers with statistics and real-time data of traffic as well as load which includes HQ video surveillance.

They are interacting with drivers and provide them with guidance as well as valuable info when it comes to the route that have minimal traffic load in order to make their journey smoother. On rush hour, just a handful of elite systems provide extra lane in boosting traffic rate while also reducing the load.

ITS can be used as well for guiding drivers on foggy weather and other low visibility conditions. In order to avoid accidents on these situations, some ITS come with intelligent traffic systems which light up. Now to make the toll stations have a faster processing rate on each car, the ITS provide patrons with a pay as you go service. This is using a special sticker on the car which is identified on the toll gate and the fee is automatically billed online. Likewise, drivers who have violated traffic rules can be also identified easily with this feature as it take photos of the car most especially the driver and the license plate.

The great teamwork of people in the traffic control center in managing the heavy loads of data exchanged between them and on the road is where these features of the ITS depend on. Over long distances, it will be almost impossible for the old forms of technology to keep up. Delays in the communication may cause serious issues and for that, ITS only uses the best of best in today’s technology.

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