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Montgomery Refrigeration: Helpful Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

A home refrigerator is one of the most commonly used appliances in the kitchen that consumes large amounts of energy, and to save on electricity and extend its lifespan, proper maintenance must be done. Routine maintenance of your refrigerator include cleaning and replacement of gasket, cleaning of condenser coils, manually defrosting freezers and refrigerators, replacing the ice maker, deodorizing, and replacing the water dispenser. Condenser coils are located at the back or beneath your freezer or refrigerator, and they must be cleaned properly since they are responsible in the heat removal. Dirty and dusty condenser coils can increase the energy consumption of your refrigerator that may lead to major repair problems and higher energy bills.

You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions whenever you clean your refrigerator. To clean the condenser coils, you can use a long-handled bristle brush and vacuum efficiently and easily. A freezer or refrigerator gasket plays a crucial role in sealing the inside against warm air through a rubber seal. The gasket of your refrigerator may weaken or loosen over time, so heat is difficult to remove and energy expenditure increases. Gaskets are easy to replace and are inexpensive. Help maintain the efficient operation of your freezer or refrigerator by defrosting it once in a while. This should be done once the frost reaches half an inch. Use airtight containers to keep food fresher and to seal unwanted odors from your refrigerator. When it comes to cleaning or wiping your stainless refrigerator, follow the pattern or grain of the stainless steel.

Use deodorizers which are commercially prepared that can last up to six months to remove odors and to freshen your unit. You have to replace your refrigerators water filtration system every six months. You can save from your energy bills by throwing ice packs inside your freezer or refrigerator to help in maintaining a cooler temperature. The thermostat of your refrigerator must be set between 36 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit, and between 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit for your freezer.

Only rely on the excellent services of a refrigeration specialist with good reputation, foolproof credentials, good customer services, and reasonably priced services. If you are looking for a professional to help you in inspecting and repairing your refrigerator or freezer, feel free to check our website or homepage now! Allow an expert and experienced technician to check your refrigerator for your annual preventive maintenance. As a major investment, you need to take good care of your appliance and engage in routine checks and inspections as highly recommended by the manufacturer.

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