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A Guide to Concrete Patio Designs

Today, most home owners prefer using concrete to create or upgrade their patios at home. The reason for choosing concrete is quite clear; it is cheap, lasts long, and very versatile. People have already discovered the many creative effects you can make with concrete and it can create a look of outdoor tiles and other great patterns. Below are some of the most popular kinds of concrete patios.

One very durable and stylish kind of concrete patio is the acid stained concrete patio. In this method, acid is poured when the concrete is still wet, and it reacts to the chemicals in it. The results is colors that mingle and blend so that a natural stone look is created or it becomes a more vibrant and colorful design. What is great about acid stained concrete is that the colors will never fade and will be there as long as the concrete is standing.

The exposed aggregate concrete patio is the type where the concrete appears coarse which whole pebbles and other bits and pieces are seen in the slab. This type of concrete has very interesting texture and feels and if you mix colored glass or bits of tiles in with the concrete before it is laid, and the result is an enhanced type of concrete. If not used for the patio, you can use it as a border around your patio, and wherever you might want to arrange it, it will make your home truly unique.

Poured concrete is not a simple boring gray slab with very little personality. Experimenting with concrete color is possible with poured concrete. You can form patterns in poured concrete by making two different color mixes. With this, you can make your outdoor checkerboard or a concrete mural.

Stamped concrete is for homeowners who like the look of tiles or pavers but also want the sturdiness and durability of concrete. In this method, concrete is poured on the patio, and designs and texture are impressed upon it using a stamp while the concrete is wet. There is no limit to the amount of patterns and designs you can create. Popular designs that have been created include flagstones, tile, brick, stone, and sandstone pavers. A specific dye is used to prepare the concrete, before it is poured and stamped with the appropriate design.

If you are building a concrete patio, the options are unlimited but the above examples are the most popular that homeowners prefer. Your imagination is your only limit so use your creativity to the fullest.

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