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Training Your Child to Welcome a Baby Home

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They keep people company, and they can also be used for protection. When you stay with a dog for a long time, it becomes a valuable member of the family. When you treat a dog well, they become very attached. When you are expecting a baby, you should know how to prepare your dog since it may have been the only baby in the home. How then do you prepare the dog for the baby?

Make Sure That the Dog Is Not Reliant On You
A baby requires a lot of attention, and you may not have time to take care of your dog. You should, therefore, train your animal to do some things like feeding by itself. You can use positive reinforcement such as treats from Betsy farms to train the dog.

Help Your Dog Identify With the New Smells
Dogs are very sensitive to smell. The type of smell that a dog identifies triggers a reaction. Children smell differently at different times. It is important that your dog gets used to these smells.

Treat Your Dog Better When The Baby Is Around Than When It Not Around

You want the dog to associate the baby with positive things. If you manage to have the dog associate the baby with positive attributes, it will feel comfortable with the change in the family structure.

Limit Your Attention
When a baby comes, you have to give it a lot of attention. If you have a dog, you may not have time to give it attention. Before you introduce the baby, reduce the attention that you give to it.

Create A New Routine For Your Dog
when there is a new baby in the house, everyone’s routine changes. The dog’s routine should also change. To give the dog time to adopt the changes that will be brought by a child, you need to change their routine early enough. Make modifications to the time when the dog carries out activities such as feeding and get the dog used to the new routine.

Train Your Dog To Play With The Baby
After a few months after birth, children tend to be very cheerful and playful. You should teach your dog to play with your baby without harming the child. Buy toys that can be used by the dog and the baby while playing.

Develop a taste for Your Dog
The dog can feed on the child’s plate which is very risky. You need to teach it to eat from its plate . Buy food from Betsy farm and always make sure that the dog eats them from its plate.