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How to Take Care of Your Succulents

Succulents species are attractive plants.They produce rosettes of leaves that cluster together.Their color may differ from the varieties. As much as the plants thrive best out in the field, they can also grow well in enclosed areas. It is very easy for you to grow succulents.They require certain suitable conditions for them to grow into healthy plants. The following are tips that you need to incorporate in maintaining them.

Water them appropriately. It is very beneficial for the growth of the plants.Water them when the soil completely dries up.However, do not do it in excess. More water is important during the summer season. During the period of stagnated growth, do not use too much irrigation on them.For your indoor plants, water more but less frequently.

Enough sunlight. Sunlight is essential for your plants to thrive. Enough sunlight is important for the development of bright colors for the succulents.However, afternoon shade may help the colors to last longer. For your indoor plants, putting them close to the window will be good for their sunlight. Moreover, too much sun is harmful to the succulents.

Ensure that the soils offer good conditions for them to thrive.They require sandy soil with good drainage. The succulents can grow well in little amount of soil.The soil should be of neutral pH.Most potted plants come with standard soil that works for them. Moreover, this standard sol is not suitable for the succulents since it has poor draining abilities.

they require good temperature and climatic conditions. They require cool nights for them to be healthy.However, extreme cold or winter is not good for them and should be transferred to a greenhouse for shelter. During the summer season, the temperatures should be higher as compared to during the winter. Extremely cold temperatures will damage them.

Insects and pests. Maintaining your succulents is important since they are protected from insects and bugs.Ensure the soil does not contain excess water. It is important for you to space your plants to avoid growth of molds and insects.

Use suitable pots. Materials such as glazed ceramics do not impose any harm to the plants. You should avoid using pots made of glass as they may cause harm to the plants. They may cause infestation due to excess water. Thus, you should use pots that ensure draining is okay.

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